Connect to your users' trading accounts.

Your users already have trading accounts. Now you can connect those accounts to your app and get real-time holdings, order data, and trading capabilities.

Why Opentrade

Instant connections

Using our link portal frontend, users can securely connect their trading account in seconds

Trading capabilities

Our API enables users to place trades in their investment accounts directly from your application

Real-time data

View a user's portfolio positions, order history, transactions, balance, historical performance in real time

High quality, high frequency data

Get detailed insights into your users' trading activity with data that's complete and standardized across all institutions

Order history
Historical Performance

Seamless & secure connectivity

Using our link portal frontend, users can securely connect their account in seconds

All information is ecrypted at rest and in transit
OAuth2 connections are used where possible
Financial data is never shared without the user's explicit consent

Let users trade with their existing accounts

Our API enables users to place trades with their accounts directly from your application


All the trading platforms you need.

Over 100 million accounts supported

Better connections lead to better products.

Net worth tracking

Aggregate brokerage account data, track net worth.

Portfolio analysis

Help your clients' understand their investments better.

Advisory services

View and manage clients' portfolios across all accounts.

Tax planning

Automate tax calculations using account data.

Social investing

Allow clients to share investment activity in real time.

Automatic watchlists

Know what stocks clients care about by looking at their holdings.

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